How to Take Better Product Photos & Sell More Jewelry

How to Take Better Product Photos & Sell More Jewelry

Considering 93% of shoppers use visual appearance as a key deciding factor when buying something online, engaging imagery is needed now more than ever before! Want magazine worthy images on a shoe string budget? See our guide below on how to take better photos and sell more jewelry, using your iPhone! 

It's Lit

Studio lights work great but natural light works just as well! Position your table or stand near a large open window for optimal light. If the light is too bright use a sheet or a piece of fabric to diffuse the light. A piece of flexible white poster board works great as a backdrop. It will bounce light and give you a well-lit surface to work with. An additional piece of white paper or poster board opposite of the window helps as well to make the whole scene bright. Having a tripod handy keeps images consistent, as you can move product around and keep the camera in the same place. 


Work Your Angles

Offering different perspectives of your product can also help answer any questions that a shopper may have that your product descriptions don’t explain. An all-around view is more engaging and can help shoppers envision themselves wearing or using your jewelry, which can lead to more sales for your store. Consider taking a detailed product image, along side an image of the jewelry on a model to attract more buyers.

When shooting jewelry specifically, a bird’s eye view angle works great as long as you don't miss the details in the piece. Shooting above and slightly angled is another option. When shooting on a model try a straight on approach and make the jewelry the focus


Frame Your Image

Make sure when composing your image that you are leaving space and framing the product in an appealing way. If you want a standard product image for your website, simple and clean with the product in the middle is the industry standard. If you are shooting product for social media or PR purposes get creative! See what angels and photos your competitors are using and try to recreate similar scenes.


Get Creative

Once you have the basics down feel free to experiment with different light and settings on your phone. A big tip especially for jewelry is to shoot in portrait mode on your iPhone. You will not believe the detail you can get by just doing this. Make sure that you are holding the phone steady or that your phone is on a tripod so you can capture the details in your jewelry. Also use shadows to your advantage. If you want a moody feel use a shadow as part of your composition for added dimension. 


Recommended Apps 


This is a good option if you plan to edit photos on your computer. You can start on mobile, web, or desktop, and when you make edits, they will be automatically applied across devices.


Use the details tool in this app to make the details pop on your jewelry. Easily select the embellishment or chain that needs more details with your finger and watch it pop!

Touch Retouch

Did you get the perfect shot and notice that there was something off in the background? Touch Retouch lets you remove unwanted items from your background so that you have a simple and uncluttered backdrop.


This app lets you control brightness, contrast, color, and even add borders and filters to your finished product shots.


If you’re in retail,  Tezza is a big name in the fashion blogging world! She has her own app with a ton of different film photography looking options that are great for social media. She even has templates for your Instagram stories and filters for your videos as well.


Skip the white background all together with this photo app. Take a picture and it removes the background and replaces it for a white one (or any color you want)  automatically! A great tool for social media, PhotoRoom creates natural looking shadows on products, allowing you more freedom and speed in your editing process. 


We know that this guide is going to improve your product photos and we can't wait to see the results. Be sure and tag us in your Julio jewelry photos on Instagram. Now get out there and sell more jewelry!