Cheap and Easy ways to sell more jewelry

Cheap and Easy ways to sell more jewelry

Does your jewelry display need a refresh? Are you missing sales because your new jewelry is being overlooked on old displays?

We’ve come up with more cheap and easy solutions to help! Let’s give life back to your visuals.

Follow these easy steps to update your jewelry displays and sell more jewelry!

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Just about any type of neck stand can be painted with acrylic paint.  We’re using burlap in our example but synthetic leather and even velvet can also be painted.

What you need:

Neck stands to be painted

Acrylic paint – one or two colors, we used interior wall paint with a satin finish and a metallic craft paint for the back.


Masking tape or a steady hand

Paper or plastic to cover your work area


Paint the front of the neck stand with acrylic paint and allow to dry.  Then paint the back with the contrasting color.  If your hand isn’t steady, the edges can be masked with blue painters tape to maintain a clean line.  Allow to dry at least 48 hours before adding the jewelry.

2. Half Moon Bracelet Display 

What you need:

Large pool noodle (4” diameter) the length of your display

Serrated bread knife

Material to cover the noodle – we used a suede scrap but felt and fabric work great as well

Hot glue gun and glue sticks



Cut the pool noodle in half with the serrated bread knife.


You will need 3 pieces of material to cover each half of the noodle.  Trace the length of the noodle and cut a rectangle the same size as the noodle is wide, and long enough to wrap all the way around.  Cut two half circles ½” larger than the end of the noodle.  Cut notches in the ½” margin.


With a glue gun, attach the half circles to the ends of the noodles.  Glue down the notched pieces.


After the ends are covered, glue the rectangle piece of fabric around the noodle starting at the center of the flat bottom.  These are great for displaying chain bracelets and watchbands.

Here’s the finished display.


3. Add Nails to a Wooden T-bar Display

Adding nails across the top of a t-bar give you more display options.  They serve as separators between fine chain necklaces to help prevent tangling.  They also allow you to hang pendant necklaces front-facing to better highlight the pendants instead of side facing.

What you need:

Wooden t-bar necklace display

Decorative nails (we use upholstery nails)

Small hammer

Needle nose pliers (optional)

We gave ours a fresh coat of spray paint before we started.


Make sure one half of the t-bar is supported on a countertop and hammer in the nails.  We measured out the spacing and marked the placement with a pencil before we started.  If the nails are hard to hold, you can steady them with needle nose pliers while hammering.  An extra person can be helpful here.



4. Use Cake Stands (or other household items) as Risers for your fixtures.

Think outside of the box.  Look for creative and different items to use as risers.  Go to a discount home goods store and just browse around.  Thrift or resale stores are also a great hunting ground.  Items can be given new life with a fresh coat of spray paint.  We found these beautiful cake stands at a consignment store and painted them metallic gold.



What you need: 

Lazy susan component to fit the item you want to revolve.  These are available at larger hardware stores in a wide variety of sizes. 

Block of wood the size of the lazy susan component

Screws to attach the component to the wood



Attach the lazy susan to the wooden block.  Set the item on the wooden block to make it revolve.  The item can be stabilized with double stick foam tape if necessary.  Our block is sized to tuck under the base of the cake stand.  These work well in a tight corner so more items can be seen by turning the display.